Ad hoc support services    

At times, we can all do with an extra support to get things done and make improvements. I offer a range of support services, from conference presentations to teacher support sessions, both at venue and online. I can provide objective support and specialist advice tailored to each individual’s needs.   

I offer a number of services to support teachers and departments in their work, which can be bought on an 'ad hoc' basis. To discuss other services you may require please contact me to discuss your needs. 

Scheme of Work review

Submit your schemes of work for review to check they cover the specification / curriculum requirements, provide opportunity for summative and formative assessment across the full ability range and are suitable for teaching by non-specialist teachers where required.

Department/Faculty handbook review (Secondary/FE)

Submit your Department or Faculty handbooks for review to get feedback on the department or faculty aims and objectives. The review will evaluate your self assessment and future targets set as well as offering suggestions for building the department or faculty within the school. Results analysis support is also included in this review.

Question and Answer Webinars

These sessions are available for teachers to bring questions needing answers to support their planning and teaching. 

Marking Support

Submit your students assessed work for marking by an independent assessor and assessment expert.  Please note, this is based on my professional experience as a teacher of creative arts and I am not currently a standardised examiner.

Centre Support Visit and Marking Support Visit

A centre support visit is time for me to visit your school and spend time in your department, supporting as you request. This is agreed in advance and doesn’t include any formal training sessions. Support may include discussing teaching and assessing specifications, reviewing marking, lesson observations and feedback coaching and support for early career teachers and non-specialist teachers new to Creative Arts.

A marking support visit can be used for marking non-examined assessment which is internally or externally assessed. On the day of the performance assessment, I will review the work with the teacher and discuss marks for each student. This can include performance or portfolio work. For performances assessed by visiting examiner, I can assess a dress or tech rehearsal or a mock performance. Please note, this is based on my professional experience as a teacher of creative arts and I am not currently a standardised examiner.

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